The beauty industry is booming. Wherever you turn there’s a new salon, a new highlighter palette or a new nail trend you just have to try. With such a saturated market, it becomes a necessity to separate yourself. It’s time to create a new twist on an existing concept that will change the game, completely. 

We’re taking the time to truly express why Le Phénix Studios’ approach is different. We’re opening ourselves up for you to gain serious insight into who we are. 

We can guarantee that Le Phénix Studios isn’t your average beauty studio – and here’s why.

A little bit about where Le Phénix Studios started 

Our fabulous founder, Chantal Francis, began her career as a makeup artist and cosmetics consultant in the late nineties. Her involvement in the beauty and modelling industries grew when she co-founded the Men’s Division Model Management in 2008. 

Her model management company inspired Chantal to step out of her comfort zone and create a studio unlike any other. This studio would become the go-to for anyone looking for a safe place to find their confidence and enhance their natural beauty. This vision became Le Phénix Studios. 

Le Phénix Studios was then founded in the spring of 2009 as a boutique studio previously known as ‘The Style Studio’. We have expanded our services exponentially over the years and now our unique studio offers a:

  • Full hair care and styling salon
  • Makeup studio
  • Nail bar
  • State of the art photography studio

What exactly is Le Phénix Studios?

At the core of our lifestyle and image studio, lies a highly professional, qualified and friendly team of passionate artists. They are dedicated to providing our clients with the most comfortable and unforgettable experience.

le phenix team

We are an innovative beauty, fashion and photography studio, offering an end-to-end make-over experience for the ‘everyday’ woman.

Our aim is to have anyone who walks through the door feeling confident, free to be themselves and ready to embrace the best version of themselves!

Our services

Each division within Le Phénix operates independently from one another. This enables our clients to tailor a bespoke package that meets their own personal needs. Our clients are able to enjoy one of our services or all of them – we ensure our clients leave feeling pampered and empowered.

  • Our hair studio team are ready to WOW you with professional services at the most affordable prices for a wide variety of hair types.
  • We have professional makeup artists who work with you to provide your desired perfect look using clever contouring techniques and high-quality products.
  • Our friendly photography team guides you throughout your shoot, in a relaxed atmosphere and fun-filled environment.
  • We have fabulous nail technicians who will create a stellar set of nails for you that will meet your exact requirements. 

We want to give you the confidence to feel empowered and comfortable in your own skin – from the inside-out.

Why Le Phénix Studios is different 

Le Phénix Studios is not your average beauty salon, it is a haven for people of any gender, culture, race, age or size.  

We don’t want to class ourselves as a studio that focuses only on men or only on women. We believe that in this day and age, a holistic approach is ideal.

Wanting to feel beautiful, empowered and confident holds no bounds. There is nothing stopping you from getting your nails done, finding a new hairstyle or updating your makeup routine. We want to be a part of your journey – from start to finish. 

When you’re feeling lost, inadequate or you’ve lost your spark, we’re the people you come to. We take the time to understand exactly what you need, we’ll make recommendations based on what you want and what we feel will work best. 

Our studio is a home, a haven and an escape.

We also stock a wide range of products so that you can keep creating your new look at home. We teach you exactly how to perfect your new hair or makeup styles so you don’t feel overwhelmed at home. 

Our goal is to remind you of your innate strength and beauty while showing you how to enhance it so that you’re feeling your absolute best. Trust us, we know how it feels when you’ve lost your sparkle, but we’re here to help you shine again.

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