Life moves so swiftly, we don’t realise the moments we’re experiencing and the time that passes so quickly. Before you know it, your firstborn is ready for university and you’re left wondering where the time has gone. We want you to have these memories to hold dear to your heart and to look back on for years to come. What better way to have these memories than with family photoshoots?

You’re probably thinking “but why? What’s so important about a family shoot?”   

The importance of family photoshoots

First and foremost, did you know that photographs can help develop your child’s self-image? Studies show that the more photos you have of your children hanging in your house improves the way they see themselves. The more images, the better. 

Getting your kids behind the camera also improves their self-confidence and will grow their self-esteem. Children whose parents display family photographs in the home grow up with greater confidence and sense of belonging.

Besides this, these photos capture a specific moment in time, a glimmer in your eye, the smile of your little ones. It is a beautiful moment paused in time to reminisce and look at for many years to come. There’s no way you’d want to miss out on that. 

Why you should do family photoshoots

Create Memories

Like we said above, there is no better way to immortalise a moment. Not only will the images themselves capture the memories but you will be creating a special memory at the shoot itself. 

It’s very rare nowadays where the whole family comes together to spend the day with one another. A family shoot encourages the entire family to come together, to have funny and silly moments and to laugh and smile together to create stunning images.     

You’re Not Just Taking Them for Yourself

The most incredible part about a shoot is you aren’t just taking images to hang up in your home and call it a day. These photos will be saved for generations to come. They’re there for your entire family to reflect on for many, many years. This is why you definitely want them to be quality images – no one wants to be remembered forever looking terrible (don’t worry, our studio would never let this happen). 

Document Growth

Yearly family photoshoots are such a fun way to see how everyone is growing and changing over the years. It’s incredible to see how much your little ones change as each year passes – not just in appearance but in character too.

You Never Know What Can Happen

Life makes no promises and each moment is unpredictable, you never know what might happen. As sad as it is to think about (and we pray this never happens) but you never know when that family photo you took back in 2004 was the last opportunity you had to get a full family picture. 

Photoshoots bring the whole family together and remind us how important it is to create new memories with one another and keep those memories forever. 

High-Quality Photos to Last a Lifetime

A professional photoshoot promises high-quality, impeccable images that will last a lifetime. A photoshoot promises images where everyone is looking at the camera, everyone is smiling and the quality of the actual image will last. Not to mention all of the digital copies you’ll receive. 

Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones

Family shoots are a stunning way to celebrate life’s milestones. You could do a shoot to commemorate the birth of a new family member, to celebrate a favourite holiday (Christmas is on its way) or simply to acknowledge that there is no time like the present and we need to celebrate each and every moment!

Everyone will be in the shot

A photoshoot means someone outside the family will be taking all the photos. There’s no need to try to get everyone to fit in a selfie, and there’s no need to try and prop the camera up somewhere as you try to run and make it in time before the timer goes off. 

We’ve got you. You will get multiple shots of you and your family all together – no panic and no cut-off faces.

Photoshoots are an easy way to collect beautiful photographs to decorate your home, to give to family members and to just show off the incredible family you have. 

Get your family together for a reunion and capture the rare moment you’re all together. Or keep it simple with your immediate family, whatever it is, our studio can handle it. Choose your outfit, choose your style and we will do the rest. We can’t wait to capture such a special moment for you and your family.  Take a look at some of the images in our gallery here!

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