When you’re so focused on everyone else in your life – your kids, your family, your friends – you can easily forget to focus on yourself too. It’s easy to put others first and make sure everyone around you is happy but the second you start to put everyone else first, you begin to lose an element of yourself. This is why the focus of this article is on you putting yourself first.

No one is going to get you where you need to be except you and while yes, looking after the people in your life is important but losing yourself in the process shouldn’t be an option. 

Life can be overwhelming at times but never forget the strength you have within and always remember to have an authentic life where you’re truly happy, you need to put yourself first. In line with our blog on spring cleaning your life, we’ll be looking at how to yourself first and what you’ll gain from doing this. 

How to put yourself first

There are many ways to prioritise yourself but these are just a few of our tips and tricks to help you get started;

1. Learn to say ‘no’

Saying no (especially to things you don’t want to do) doesn’t make you a bad person. Learning to say no helps you prioritise what is most important to you. By saying no to things you don’t want to do or people you don’t want to spend energy on, you will begin to feel a sense of relief and will realise you have more time to do what you want to. 

2. Stop making excuses

Stop making excuses for anything and everything. This means, stop making excuses for why you don’t want to do something. If you say no, be confident in your decision without feeling the need to explain yourself.

On another note, don’t make excuses for why you aren’t accomplishing what you need to. If you’re not putting in the effort to achieve your goals, you can’t make excuses as to why. Accept responsibility and make sure you pick it up the next day and work on smashing your goals. 

3. Prioritise 

Once you have learnt how to say no, finding your priorities becomes easy. It’s important to sit and map out what you want to do in a day. This way you can see exactly what you want to achieve in a day and make sure you prioritise the important tasks to ensure you have a productive day, every day.  

4. Goals, goals, goals

This is possibly the most important step out of all of them. Setting short term, medium-term and long term goals maps out a plan you need to follow. This puts into perspective everything you need to do and how you’re going to do it.

Along with prioritising what you’re going to do in a day, you should ensure that at least one of your priorities in a day is something that will get you closer to achieving your goals. 

5. Remember, your life is about you

All of the above will help you put yourself first every day but most importantly, you need to live for yourself. 

Your friends and family are a massive part of your life and being there for them is very important but if you’re not putting yourself first, these relationships will suffer in the long run.

Not only that but living a life for everyone else, concerned with everyone else’s opinions is no way to live. This is your life, live it for you.  

What you’ll realise from putting yourself first

Focusing on yourself may make you feel selfish but it is absolutely necessary. It will help you handle stress better and will benefit various aspects of your life. 

1. You’ll be happier

Once you start putting yourself first, you start to realise how happy you are. Without the burden of unnecessary responsibilities and with a clear mindset of everything you want to achieve, you will feel less stressed and infinitely happier.  

2. Your relationships will flourish

By learning to love yourself more, the relationships around you will flourish. When you find out what is important to you and what you want out of life, you’re no longer distracted by mundane or unnecessary tasks. This makes you more present in the moment and ensures you won’t be distracted, making sure your relationships are getting the love and attention they deserve.   

3. You deserve more

The more you put yourself first, you’ll realise that you accept so much negativity in your life. Whether it’s from friends, family, work or anything else in between, there are probably many aspects in your life where you accept far less than you deserve. 

You need to accept that you deserve more in life and when you put yourself first, you’ll notice there are aspects in your life that don’t add value to what you’re trying to achieve. 

4. Your confidence will grow

Prioritising yourself, establishing your goals and working hard to be authentically happy every day will make you realise what’s important to you. As you work hard to get the life you’ve always dreamed of, your confidence will grow with everything you achieve. 

5. Positive vibes only 

The more you focus on your goals and the people around you, the more negativity will be subtracted from your life.

When you say no to things you don’t want to do, you begin to realise who is important in your life and who has your best interests at heart. Often when you put yourself first, you lose many people in your life but this only means that you find out who is true to you and supports everything you’re aiming to achieve in this lifetime. 

Putting yourself first is a journey and you need to consciously work on making sure you prioritise yourself in every situation possible. The only person who needs your approval is you and the only person that will help you achieve your goals is you so get out there and make sure you’re living your life for you.  

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