The battle between wanting to look fresh and ready for the day but not wanting to look cakey or overloaded with a full face of makeup is a constant battle. Your makeup look doesn’t need to be overly complicated to be effective. The no-makeup makeup look will leave you looking rejuvenated and naturally beautiful but can be a little tricky to master. 

Without makeup, the world would be a lot less interesting but we might be biased. We love the ability makeup has to transform a face, as well as the more low-key ability it has to make us appear refreshed and wide-awake even when we’re anything but. In theory, the no-makeup makeup look should be simple – it’s minimal, which means minimal effort, right? Not always. But that’s why we’re here to help. 

Why do the no-makeup makeup look?

It might sound silly, you may be thinking “why no-makeup makeup when you can just go without?” We know that we’ve all been blessed with natural beauty that radiates from within but there is nothing wrong with wanting to amplify that. 

The natural makeup look will add a subtle but noticeable glow to your appearance. On those days where the bags underneath your eyes are larger than your handbags or when you just need a slight pick me up – this is the perfect solution for you. 

How to perfect the no-makeup makeup look:

1. Get the dewy look

Before you start with anything, make sure you moisturise with a good moisturiser. By moisturising your skin, you are creating the perfect canvas to begin applying makeup on. This look is all about glowing, natural skin but unfortunately, not all of us have skin like Jennifer Aniston so we’re going to have to ensure our skin is moisturised to perfection. 

2. Prime

To achieve a minimalistic look, a primer is the best way to get a smooth complexion. A pore filling primer will smooth and fill any pores without clogging them and an illuminating primer will add that extra glow that will make you look extra hydrated.

3. Apply a light foundation 

For this look, you don’t need a thick full coverage look. Tinted moisturises and BB Creams are perfect for this look or you could use a ‘buildable’ foundation and merely use a small amount. Apply with a buffing foundation brush to cover more or with a sponge to keep the dewiness.

4. Go easy on the concealer

If you’re not used to letting your blemishes or dark circles go uncovered, use a lightweight, hydrating concealer. But keep in mind that you are far more critical of yourself than others are so the blemishes you see will probably go unnoticed by anyone else. 

5. Finishing off your face

If you have dry skin or prefer a dewier look, it is best to use a cream bronzer or contour palette. This way the cream-based products will seamlessly melt into your skin, giving you a natural glow that is hard to miss.

If your skin is oilier or you prefer a slightly more matte look, use a powder bronzer or contour palette. The product will easily blend into your skin and make it look healthy and plump. 

6. Rosy cheeks

Your skin has a natural tint to it so with this look, it’s ideal to keep it that way. Apply your blush to the apples of your cheek and use your foundation brush or sponge to lightly tap over the blush to make the look more subtle. 

7. All about the brows

Bushy, unruly brows are both accepted and ENCOURAGED – what’s more natural than that? 

Brush your eyebrows up and use eyebrow mascara to fill in the colour of your brows as well as to keep them up. You can also brush your brows up and use an eyeshadow colour that is similar to the colour of your brows to fill them in slightly.  

8. Don’t forget those eyes

Sweep a neutral colour over your eyelids for a subtle but beautiful eye. Choose a colour that is just a shade or two darker than your skin tone to enhance the colour of your eyes but not too dark of a shade that makes your eyes too dramatic. 

9. Just a little lip stain

Your lips should look natural too. You can use pale shades like peach, a light pink or a nude colour that will help your lips stand out in the best way possible. Or you can take a more dramatic colour and use a fluffy brush to carefully paint a subtle hue over your lips that will make it look like your lips have a slight stain to them. Otherwise, a tinted lip balm will do the job perfectly. 

10. Don’t forget to set

Your look is almost complete. To finish this perfect no-makeup makeup look, lightly spray a finishing spray across your face. This will keep your makeup looking perfect for the day and will give you a dewy glow.

The no-makeup makeup look is ideal for day-to-day tasks or when you’re looking for a more neutral look for work. Be sure to try this look, capture it and share your experience with us. Or if you feel like you may need a little bit of assistance perfecting this look, please feel free to contact us and we can see what we can do!

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