Nothing makes you more beautiful than your innate confidence and the freedom for you to be yourself. Feeling confident is something that most of us struggle with on a daily basis but it shouldn’t be. We find ourselves saying ”sorry” far too many times in a day when we have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. We bow our heads when we’re given too much attention but why? 

Often, we forget that our appearance has so much to do with the way we feel on the inside. The (oh so cheesy) saying when “you look good, you feel good” is sometimes more accurate than you think. If you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut, the best way to get out of it is to try something new. Or better yet, why not try something new with yourself. Have you ever considered a makeover?

Not a makeover like when you watch one of those coming of age teen movies. Where the lead unpopular, “unattractive” girl gets a makeover over a montage while a pop song plays. And suddenly she’s transformed into this magical goddess – that’s not what we mean. 

We’re talking about a little upgrade to your makeup routine. Maybe a new hairstyle, a day where you’re pampered and everything revolves around you. You deserve to be reminded of how incredible you are from the inside-out.     

Why get a makeover

A makeover isn’t about stripping you of who you are and completely changing your appearance. It’s about teaching you how to enhance your natural beauty. This is your opportunity to amplify the natural features of your face and learn how to correctly apply your makeup so that you enhance the correct features while hiding others. 

A makeover is a chance to grow, learn and embrace who you are. You’ll be pampered while learning the best way to apply your makeup at home and finding out what colours and products suit you best.

Still not sure if you really need a makeover? Keep reading, there are so many benefits to consider. 

Benefits of a makeover 

  • Brand new look

Never take the power of a new haircut or a bold new shade of lipstick for granted. A makeover doesn’t just stop with your makeup! If your mattifying moisturizer isn’t mattifying, your nail polish chips in a day, your foundation is constantly crumbling and your mascara is running … you (and your beauty routine) are in need of a makeover. 

You deserve to treat yourself every once in a while. Life is stressful and we often put ourselves on the back burner. It is vital to set aside some time for yourself and prioritise what makes you feel good. 

Choosing to pamper yourself is a way of making yourself feel better from the outside in. Changing your hair and finding a new look will increase your self-esteem, lower your stress levels and give you a chance to appreciate all that you are and all you have to offer. 

  • Enhance your natural beauty 

Makeovers are a perfect way to accentuate and highlight the features of your face. A subtle contour, perfecting your brow and a little lipstick goes a long way in brightening your face and softening your features. 

Makeup should not change the way you look or transform you into a completely new person. It should only enhance and amplify the beauty you already have.   

  • Increase your confidence 

A makeover gives your image a little reinvention and is a way of remaining up-to-date with new trends in hair and makeup. 

When you look at yourself after your makeover, you will immediately feel so good about yourself. It will remind you of how beautiful and strong you really are. This will only increase your confidence. From the makeover, you will learn how to imitate this look in your everyday life which means your newfound confidence will carry through each day.  

Why you should get a makeover

Not to mention the above benefits of getting a makeover but here are some extra little reasons to get one:

  • Broaden your beauty horizons 

It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a (beauty) rut. If you’ve been using the same foundation, blush and bronzer for years, and it works – why fix something that isn’t broken? 

You may not realise that there are more flattering hairstyles, makeup shades and a better beauty routine out there for you! When you receive a makeover, we take the time to explain how you should be doing your hair and we’ll show you easy ways of replicating the look at home.

While we apply your makeup, we’ll explain which shades and tones suit your skin and how you can apply the same products at home. We’ll recommend the best products to you that will work well with your skin and your specific features.

Not only will you look absolutely fabulous by the end of your makeover but you will leave fully equipped with everything you need to master your new look!

  • Pampering yourself reduces major stress

The excitement of getting your hair done or experimenting with a new look, the relaxation of getting a mani-pedi, the newfound self-assurance when you take a step back and appreciate how stunning you are major stress relievers.  

Nothing takes your mind off things that are stressing you out more than looking after your mind, body and soul – well, in this case, your makeup, nails and hair (same thing, right?).

  • Because you can!

Honestly, there can be a million reasons as to why you should get a makeover but the most important reason will always be – BECAUSE YOU CAN!

If you want to get a makeover then do it. You deserve to feel amazing every single day and if a makeover is the start of that then why not?!

We’re strong advocates for reminding women that they’re strong, they’re powerful and they are beautiful – in every aspect of their lives. This is why we believe every woman needs a makeover, to remind her of everything that she is and encourage her to be more than she thought she can be. Besides, a little upgrade to your look is another bonus!

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